Introducing the events currently being held.

Tarot Readings in Tokyo

Hello! I’m offering tarot readings at PQ’s @vegancurry . Please feel free to drop by or make an appointment with me for another date/time via DM. Available in English & Japanese.

I’m a queer Japanese American living in Taito-Ku. I’ve been reading tarot cards for over 10 years & this week is my first time offering readings in Tokyo. I use tarot as a tool for self reflection & clarifying the present. Thank you for your support ♡

1 card ~ approx. 5 min ~ 500yen
4 card ~ approx. 10 min ~ 1000yen
10 card ~ approx. 40 min ~ 3000 yen

DM for appointments.
Reservation required.

The following is an introduction to the events held in the past.


6/6/23-7/18 Gallery exhibition / poetry reading event
「Feafully and wonderfully made 恐ろしく、素晴らしく」 / Akira Sakai Leisure・酒井英レイシュア

5/15 Rakugo study session
Risuke Yanagiya, Edaji Shunputei

4/25 PQ’s Renewal Open Memorial Daisuke Oka Celebration Live

2/7-28 Gallery Exhibition / Workshop
“Quilt Party” / Piroyo Masuda and quilt members (PinkQueendom)

1/31 Series The world of traditional art in the city / Daisuke Oka and Hideyuki Yamashiro
Meeting by Kankara Sanshin / Enka Daisuke Oka and Benshi / Kamishibai Master Hideyuki Yamashiro

1/1 Daisuke Oka with New Year’s Day
With New Year’s Day gate by Kankara Sanshin / Enka Daisuke Oka